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In the aftermath of the Colorado floods, the American Red Cross is providing food, shelter, relief supplies and comfort for families beginning to clean up their homes and the thousands of people who are still evacuated. Nearly 400 people stayed in 14 shelters Wednesday night in Colorado. Currently, more than 760 trained Red Cross disaster workers are supporting shelters and recovery efforts.

Both Ian Dyar, Red Cross NH’s Regional Disaster and Program Officer, and Disaster Mental Health Volunteer Mary McCrae have deployed to Colorado earlier this morning to assist with Disaster Relief Operations. Ian will be sharing updates with us on his deployment. Below, you will find Ian’s first log:


Preparing for deployment is always something that gets me excited. So excited that I can never seem to sleep well the night prior to take off. I prep my bills, pack (and assuredly always forget something), and notify my loved ones that I will be gone for a while. I look forward to helping the team that has been going for many days and is in need of some relief themselves. 

This deployment to Colorado is going to have its unique challenges. Indeed, every disaster relief operation is different, and with the significance of flooding in this area it will continue to be a challenge to ensure successful service delivery. But that is what we as Red Crossers do. Failure is not an option.

As I write this prior to my flight departure, I hope to be able to provide some more insight as to life on the road on an operation, and also hope that you, the reader, find your passion ignited to support and serve the American Red Cross.